Even if you somehow found a mod that would cut it you still wouldn't have the feeling of using genuine old tech with its look and its clacky switches and dials.

You couldn't tell an antiques enhusiast that a piece of furniture, artificialy weathered, is same thing for example.
» 2/13/15 11:36am 2/13/15 11:36am

Hmm, i'm not so sure, if we're going solely by trailers i think the old one's better because of one thing, Ave Maria. Instant perfect tone.

Also that, using a bullet to break your cuffs, thing. That's a little too crazy for what i feel Hitman should be.

But whatever, reviewing trailers is always nitpicking to the max,… » 2/12/15 6:42am 2/12/15 6:42am

"Because emergent narrative isn't game design"

Except in this case it totally was. The stories that came from the game wern't imagined by the player at all, they were generated by a developer created system. Imagine if this is the genesis of stories fully generated by a system, stories that could only ever be told in… » 2/08/15 5:39pm 2/08/15 5:39pm

So is the solution never to have a DC fighting game? Cos not having Injustice solely cos of the Superman problem makes me sad face :(

What's weird is that noone ever says this about Marvel stuff, nobody ever said they couldn't buy Marvel vs Capcom cos Hulk was beatable. I always find that strange. » 1/24/15 4:04pm 1/24/15 4:04pm

As great as this is I really don't think the season pass is worth it. The levels released so far are really short, have no cutscenes just still images and one voice actor. They are basically the bonus Deadpool levels from Lego Marvel but sold back to us. » 1/13/15 10:56am 1/13/15 10:56am

Is it possible that maybe they are going a bit too far in admitting that comics are silly? I mean I know they are of course, but Flash/Arrow make jokes about code names being silly, the Marvel Universe likes to use there real names more than their code names (I don't think Bobbi in Shield has been reffered to as… » 1/07/15 3:27am 1/07/15 3:27am