Like Nathan says if you’re into Power Rangers/Super Sentai this is a no brainer. I’ve only been watching Sentai for a couple of years but you can just feel the love for the genre in every pore, most tropes that you can think of will appear in the game. Highly recommended by me. » 5/04/15 5:59pm Yesterday 5:59pm

Sounds like good stuff but i’m still painfully aware that so much DLC sounds good but ends up being just short of satisfying.

I was one of the mugs that got that Lego Batman 3 season pass. Arrow, Dark Knight and Man Of Steel levels? sign me up! They of course didn’t mention that the levels were the length and quality… » 5/03/15 2:12pm Sunday 2:12pm

This doesn’t surprise me at all, I want to be Lin Kuei...cos I’ve loved Sub Zero since i was 9 years old. But then so doesn’t everyone else. Well...except for one guy, give him a faction and it would be a slightly closer contest. » 4/18/15 6:30pm 4/18/15 6:30pm

While has a habit of not making movies that arn’t Batman, Superman or Justice League...this isn’t really what i’m looking for :/ How long has it been since Emerald Knights? (4 years)

I’m sure Wikipedia isn’t the most reliable source for sales figures but the movies based on other characters didn’t seem to sell that… » 4/16/15 3:28pm 4/16/15 3:28pm